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France: Suspension of Herta halal production

| 04/02/2011 | 1 Reply

Nestle Position statement

Herta attaches the utmost importance to the trust that our consumers have in our halal products and strictly respects rules governing these products.

When we became aware that Eurofins allegedly found traces of pork in Knacki Poultry Herta certified halal in France, we immediately asked an independent laboratory in Germany to carry out an in-depth investigation at our local factory, based on the latest analytical methods which can detect the presence of pork DNA. The results showed the total absence of pork DNA traces in the products concerned. As an additional measure to reassure our consumers, we also decided to test every single product batch for pork DNA traces prior to release from the factory.

We have since found that this very thorough testing procedure prevents us from providing products with the desirable level of freshness. Consequently, we have decided to temporarily suspend supply of Herta halal products until full assessment of the necessary supply chain needs.

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  1. The important question is also who has certified the product and how could it be certified Halal although traces of pork DNA were found later on.

    A whole new debate has been launched on how reliable is Halal certification in France?

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