GCC Region pushes for Halal committee

GCC Region pushes for Halal committee


Lynne Nolan

on Wednesday, 09 January 2008

A new committee will be formed to establish guidelines of the Muslim World League on Halal slaughter and food production.

The responsibilities of the new committee will include the development
and implementation of educational programmes for manufacturers on the
approved guidelines for Halal slaughter and processing.

Delegates at the Global Halal and Islamic Business Forum unanimously
endorsed recommendations from the Gulf Standards Authority regarding
global Halal industry guidelines.

A statement, stated formally by Khaled Al Zamoul from the Kuwait
Municipality, confirmed a committee will be created in the near future.

Recommendations were also made to establish centralised monitoring
offices across the globe, which would work alongside recognised Islamic
centres to conform to the Halal protocols for all foodstuffs to be
imported into the GCC region.

Attendees at the Forum, which ran
alongside the Halal World Expo in Abu Dhabi included Khalid Sharif
Awadi from Dubai Municipality and renowned UAE food safety consultant
Dr Amin Mohamed Yousef.