Ghanim Eyes High Disposable Income Countries

SERI BEGAWAN, Aug 1 (Bernama) — Ghanim International Food Corp Sdn Bhd
plans to market halal products registered under the Brunei Halal Brand
in countries that have high disposable incomes.

Its interim chief executive officer, Noel Shield, said the plan
would help the company position the Brunei Halal Brand as one of the
most trusted brands in the world.

For a start, he said, the company planned to market the products in UK, Europe and Middle East.

“These countries can help absorb the brand more efficiently and
quickly and they’ve got a population that would pay a premium,” he said
in an interview with Bernama.

Ghanim is a joint venture company between Brunei government and Hong Kong-based Kerry FSDA.

Shield said Ghanim was looking to sell the products under Brunei Halal Brand at major retailers such as Tesco and Carrefour.

“For a start, Tesco is my main target as it has branches in many countries,” he said.

Brunei Halal Brand is a project initiated in late 2004 by the
Brunei Industry and Primary Resources Ministry with the cooperation of
Brunei Islamic Religious Council, Religious Affairs Ministry and Health

It is also part of Brunei’s effort to diversify its economy besides depending on oil and gas.

Under the Brunei Halal brand, Ghanim aims to develop products like
snack food and confectionery, canned fruits, canned vegetables, spices
and condiments, breakfast foods, energy drinks, beverages, pasta and
rice products, sauces, canned seafood, Asian specialty lines, cooking
oils and meat, seafood and dairy products.

Currently, two products are marketed under the brand — prawn crackers and fresh orange.