GulfTIC Global network of companies at the forefront of Halal certification and compliance

The word ‘Halal’ has now become a new brand in the world, not only n the worldwide discussions at various forums and expos, but it is also proven by the growing Halal market in many countries. Halal products in the market have shed the religious tag and are now trending as clean, hygienic, and this also includes quality and safety. These products are manufactured under the strict regulations of Halal compliance and standard requirements of food safety implementation.

GulfTIC Certification is one such organisation providing Certification services under Halal & Food safety. As a company registered in UAE, they offer services manufacturers supplying to UAE local markets and traders who must comply with new import requirements, in terms of various certification and registration activities. They have a global outreach and tend to import and export requirements for products intended for the GCC market.

Mr. Abdul Hannan is the Operation Manager in GulfTIC Certification, Dubai, UAE and also the Managing Director in Halal Asia Services, India and GulfTIC ICSC Halal, Russia. Under the responsibility of Abdul Hannan, GulfTIC group of companies has successfully completed three Halal Accreditation in UAE, Russia and India, in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and UAE.S 2055-2:2015 from GCC Accreditation center (GAC), Saudi Arabia and registered with Emirates Authority for standardization and metrology (ESMA), federal authority in UAE for accessing GCC markets for the manufacturer and exporters from different countries.

The Halal Certification bodies and the Usage of Halal Mark are controlled by ESMA, federal authority in UAE. The Halal Mark in the label gives authenticity to the consumers towards consuming Halal products and Halal certification is the system through which Food safety and Halal compliance of the unit is verified, along with verification of individual product based on individual products standards. Halal Certification gives company access to global market especially to GCC and other Asian Muslim countries. Many countries have realized the importance of Halal Certification.

They are an official notified body approved by ESMA and Accredited by GAC (GCC Accreditation Center) to offer services to product traders and manufacturers undergoing the process of compliance with the requirements of ESMA’s Conformity Assessment Program via the Emirates Conformity Assessment

Scheme (ECAS) and Emirates Quality Marking Scheme (EQM) For food, Cosmetics, Plastics, Food contact Material, and electrical product registration.

GulfTIC group of companies has assembled a young & strong team and is constantly striving to support the manufacturer, traders and exporters who are importing or exporting their products from and to GCC & other Asian countries.