Sydney (Joint press release by HEA & IRAUS reported by Sarwat Hassan); Halal Expo Australia (HEA) has taken Islamic Relief Australia on board as an exclusive charity partner of Halal Expo Australia. According to the MoU signed, today, by Syed Atiq ul Hassan, director HEA 2017, and Mr. Salwan Ameen, Country Director Islamic Relief, Halal Expo Australia 2017 will donate 5 percent of the gate money coming from the Halal Expo Australia 2017. Islamic Relief will participate in the Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2017 and International Halal Conference (IHC) 2017 as a charity partner and undertake activities to raise funds for their humanitarian projects. Islamic Relief will also bring a speaker in the IHC 2017.

Mr. Hassan commenting on the accord, in a video interview says that establishing a working relation between two organisations is a historic day for the Australian Islamic community, through sharing resources the organisations not only strengthen the HEA and IHC but strengthen the charity and community welfare projects of both organisation.

It is to be noted that 2-Day 3rd International Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2017 and International Halal Conference (IHC) 2017 are going to be held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February 2017 at Rosehill Gardens. The past two events of HEA 2015 and HEA 2016 held in Sydney and Melbourne were highly successful and as the event is being organised on a further grander scale a huge crowd of 20,000 is expected in 2 days. Further information on the events can be found on .

Islamic Relief Australia’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, Fawaz Hawchar speaks about the established rapport between Halal Expo and Islamic Relief Australia.“The Halal Industry is a fascinating industry now sitting on 3 trillion dollars & rapidly growing at 20% per year. That’s an additional 650 billion dollars every single YEAR”.

“Our mission alongside Halal Expo exemplifies Islamic Values, we believe communities must be empowered to create sustainable and skilled populations.”

“The halal industry operates under a set of values including moral ethics, social responsibility and animal welfare. It’s time for us to explore this marvellous business, understand how it influences our activities.”

“Islamic Relief with its partners, work together to create a better world. We thank the Halal Expo for this opportunity, and we are proud to be a part of this journey.”

It is noted that the 3rd International Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2017 and the International Halal Conference are being held on Sat 11th and Sun 12th of February 2017 at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney where national and international halal companies, halal industry players and international speakers and delegates will be participating. Over 20,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors are expected to join the HEA 2017 and IHC 2017. Further information can be found on .