Halal Industry Research Centre (HIRC) launches Pakistan’s first Halal certification and assurance program

Karachi, Pakistan: Halal Industry Research Centre (HIRC) has launched Pakistan’s first Halal certification and assurance program in the country. Through this program, HIRC will provide Pakistani and International businesses with recognized Halal certification advisory for both food and non-food products.

“Awareness in the consumer market is on the rise regarding the Halal products and hence Pakistani businesses require Halal certification services which are easily accessible and cost effective”, says Mr Raheel Iqbal, Member of the HIRC Audit Committee.

Currently there are international Halal certification providers which are either not easily accessible or are not cost-effective for local businesses. HIRC is a Pakistani based Shariah advisory group with more than 10 years of experience in Shariah consultancy business providing cost effective certification services.

HIRC has an established Shariah committee comprising of recognized Shariah scholars who oversee the Halal certification process and issues Shariah rulings. In addition HIRC will also issue certificates for export purposes to companies who wish to export Halal products and cater the need of the growing US 1 trillion dollar Global Halal Market.

HIRC conducts verification and testing of each product it certifies through accredited laboratories. It also conducts regular surveillance audits of companies it certifies as part of its assurance program to Muslim consumers.

More information about the Halal certification program can be found on HIRC website www.hircpakistan.org <http://www.hircpakistan.org>