Halal Pizza UK


Domino Pizza, have launched a new Halal meat pizza in Birmingham, where there are close to one million Moslems living.

This is the first accredited Halal pizza, by the Halal Food Authority
and the product is being launched in two stores initially to be road

Abdul Mumtal, who operates the franchise of Domino Pizza in Hall Green
Birmingham said ” I am delighted to be opening the UK’s first 100%
Halal Domino’s Pizza store, which will serve the needs of our local

This comes only months after National Halal meats of Birmingham, opened
franchise with Tesco and Asda supermarkets, with a Halal meat sales
section. The company has plans to open 37 more with the supermarket
giants in 2009.

There are close to three million Moslems living in the United Kingdom,
and the Halal meat industry is today a multi billion pound industry