Halal variety of luxury Kobe beef takes the spotlight

Halal variety of luxury Kobe beef takes the spotlight


TO INDULGE in Kobe beef is to allow yourself to eat well and sin. Kobe
beef, as most of us are aware, comes from cattle that have been spoilt
rotten, massaged and fed on a diet of beer and sake.

This practice of pampering the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu
cattle in Japan helps relieve stiff muscles, which is believed to show
in the tenderness of the beef.

The beef’s highly marbled texture is what makes it so popular as the
fat, which breaks down during the cooking process, lends much of its
flavour to the overall cut.

So tender is a serving of Kobe that many get addicted to it.

However, the alcoholic cattle do not find favour with those who
abstain from alcohol, and as such, Kobe beef has been privy only to
those without any restriction in their diet.

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur executive chef Antoine Rodriguez said most beef lovers were not aware of the Master Kobe variety.

“Master Kobe is only used to describe the very elite, purebred Wagyu with marble scores of nine and greater.

“These Wagyu cattle from Australia are grain fed non-stop and their
marble texturing is delicate and certainly higher than Wagyu cattle
that have marbling scores of six and above,” said the chef, who
received the Executive Chef of The Year award at the Hospitality Asia
Platinum Awards 2007/2008.

The other thing about Master Kobe beef is that these Wagyu cattle are not fed alcohol.

“The Master Kobe is in fact a halal variety and we have certification for it,” chef Rodriguez said.

In fact, Rodriguez has to reserve his orders for the luxury meat, months in advance with the suppliers in Australia.

Elite meat: One of the Master Kobe dishes at Prime.

To convince me of his Master Kobe offering, Rodriguez happily
brought out the Seared Master Kobe chuck flap tail, Steak Tomato,
Bombay Onions, Frisee Salad, Smoked BBQ Vinaigrette as the starter.

Patting the back of his neck, Rodriguez explained that the chuck flap tail portion was taken from the neck of the cow.

“The chuck flap tail is usually minced and used to make hamburgers.

“However, because the Master Kobe chuck flap tail is so tender, we
just season it with salt and pepper, put it on the grill to sear it
lightly and serve it sashimi style,” he said.

Indeed, the chuck flap tail did not require a lot of chewing as it proved to be an effortless bite.

This month, the Australian Master Kobe Beef takes the spotlight at Prime.

Prime’s award-winning team and chef Rodriguez have lined up three delightful dishes for the Master Kobe promotion.

The Charcoal Grilled 6oz Master Kobe Eye Round, Braised US Short
Ribs, Hollandaise Gratinated Jumbo Asparagus and Tomato Chilli Jam
priced at RM158 is the cheapest offering but definitely hearty.

Throw in the lobster and the price escalates slightly as the Roasted
6oz Master Kobe Oyster Blade with Half Boston Lobster Thermidor, Sweet
Potato, Curried Porcini Salad and Cracked Pepper Corn Sauce is a
marriage between land and sea.

Priced at RM258, the dish is ideal for those who cannot handle too much red meat at one sitting.

The majestic serving that is designed for red meat aficionados is
none other than the 6oz Charcoal Grilled Master Kobe Ribeye, Grain
Mustard Potato Gnocchi with Portobello Mushroom Cap, Shallot Balsamic

Of course, something as tender and mouth-watering as this dish is also priced handsomely at RM348.

Juicy: The Fillet Mignon, grilled to perfection but guaranteed to be juicy.

But then, a bite into a piece of Master Kobe might just convince you that the extravagance is worth it.

Prime is known for its selection of the finest imported beef and wide selection of wines.

The visual treat provided by its chefs dressed in black at its open
kitchen, fronted by solid glass, gives diners an insight into the
goings-on within a busy kitchen.

The grill for preparing steaks is supplemented by a flaming
rotisserie and Prime is the only restaurant in town that offers guests
the choice of having their steaks grilled on either imported charcoal
or lava stone.

Besides the Master Wagyu and Wagyu beef, the outlet also has Black
Angus 200 days grain fed steaks and Australian 120- and 80-day aged

Prime also has premium beef like the Cabana Las Lilas from Argentina and US Shorthorn.

It may place a lot of prominence on its steaks but seafood lovers might like the way treasures of the sea are prepared here.

There’s a bit of something for every taste bud right down to delectable desserts.