HDC In Talks With Commercial Banks

(Bernama) — The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is in
talks with banks to provide assistance to halal industry small medium
enteprises (SMEs).

Its chief executive officer, Datuk Seri Jamil Bidin said the banks
have responded positively and the HDC would be announcing further
details of this collaboration by the end of August.

“We have one foreign bank interested, besides other local
commercial banks. The discussion is ongoing, with the banks showing
keen interest.

“After the government announced the credit guarantee scheme, the
process of seeking aid from financial institutions has been made much
easier,” he told reporters after launching the Halal Anchor Company
(HAC) Programme on Tuesday.

Jamil said the HDC was embarking on this initiative to help the
SMEs sustain and expand their business in the face of the very
competitive environment arising from the current economic crisis.

The HDC would be screening the applicants together with the related banks before shorlisting them, he explained.

Meanwhile, Jamil said the HDC would be allocating around RM1.1 million to four anchor companies selected for the HAC programme.

He said the programme seeks to assist the selected companies
accelerate the development of Malaysian halal products and services
with a unique positioning and value propositions in the international

“This is via the enhancement of both skills and scale of the HAC.

“Upon finalising the anchor companies by September 12, they would
be handling and creating more vendor companies under them, which would
appear as a clustering programme that creates a multiplier effect.”

“By doing this, we can see greater participation of vendor companies and fast track their development,” he said.

Meanwhile, the HDC will be hosting the Best Halal Innovation Awards in mid-November.

The award is to recognise brand ambassadors who have successfully
created and delivered new and improved halal products and services to
the global market.