Indonesia: How Long is the Validity of Halal Certificate According to the Latest Regulations?

Industry players’ awareness of halal certificates is getting higher. This is shown by the ongoing rise in the number of companies that carry out halal certification of their products. As a result, the government has adapted by continuing to establish rules and regulations to support the halal certification process. One of the latest regulations in early 2023 is Law No. 6 of 2023 which one of the changes is related to the validity period of the halal certificate.

How Long is the Validity of the Indonesia Halal Certificate?



The validity period of the halal certificate in Indonesia is always changing due to regulatory changes. Previously, the validity period of a halal certificate was only valid for two years then changed to four years as stated in Law Number 33 of 2014 concerning Guarantees for Halal Products (UU JPH) Article 42, namely “halal certificates are valid for four years from the time they are issued by BPJPH unless there is a change in the composition of the ingredients”. This provision is also included in Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation and Government Regulation Number 31 of 2019 concerning JPH Organizers.

However, the provisions for the validity period of the halal certificate in Indonesia have changed again recently. The change in the validity period of this halal certificate is stipulated in Law Number 6 of 2023. According to the law, “Halal certificates are valid since the issuance of BPJPH and remain valid as long as there is no change in composition and or PPH.”

In addition to imposing halal certificates without a validity period, the latest law also issues a new halal product guarantee service system. This system makes halal services no longer done manually but uses integrated electronic-based applications carried out by BPJPH, LPH, MUI, Provincial MUI, Regency/City MUI, Aceh MPU, Halal Product Fatwa Committee, as well as PPH Assistant so that the halal certification process becomes easier, faster and traceable.

With this, of course, it is hoped that industry players will be given more convenience in carrying out halal certification, and the target of all halal-certified products in 2024 can be achieved.

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