Indonesia: PBNU Drafts Halal references

TEMPO Interactive, SURABAYA: The leaders of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) are working on drafting halal standards. As such, all production distributed among NU members must be approved by the Nahdlatul Ulama Businessmen’s Association (HPN). The special standard is part of the recommendation produced during the ‘Rembug Saudagar NU and NU Expo 2012’ that was held in Surabaya from January 26 – 29.

“This is important because 70 percent of Muslims in Indonesia are NU members. We have an interest to keeping the products used and consumed by NU members halal and ensuring they are manufactured honestly,” said HPN chairman Abdul Kholik.

Besides maintaining product quality, NU says the the halal label aims to increase the bargaining power of Nahdliyin and its share of the market.

Committee head of NU Expo 2012, Anang Prabowo, said the expo was attended by 25,000 visitors. “The expo this year was more successful than last year,” he said.