Indonesia’s LPPOM-MUI readying anti-bribery management system for halal processes

BY YOSI WINOSA – Salaam Gateway

5 April 2021: JAKARTA – Indonesia’s once all-powerful halal certifier LPPOM-MUI is preparing to implement the anti-bribery management system ISO 37001 after years of criticisms for lack of transparency and allegations of corrupt practices.

In the absence of a standardized global oversight of the halal industry, private halal certification bodies, that predominantly operate in Muslim-minority countries without national-level halal authorities, seek recognition by agencies such as BPJPH (and formerly LPPOM-MUI) to be able to halal-certify products intended for export to Islamic markets such as Indonesia. Agencies such as LPPOM-MUI, when it held the monopoly in Indonesia, was the gatekeeper of the halal certificate and hence determined if foreign certification bodies would be given access to the lucrative market.

Under Indonesia’s new government system, halal certificates and recognition of foreign halal certification bodies are handled by BPJPH.

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