Introducing German food products into local Brunei market

By Farah Ahmadnawi Dec 17th, 2009

GERMAN shop owned by Imad and Anne Aljandali is the first to introduce
a range of food products from all over Germany into the local market.

The owners, who are both of German origin, stated that the products
are 100 per cent halal and if customers have any queries or doubts
about the products, they would be glad to help and explain the
ingredients or contents.

They emphasised that importance is placed on high quality at low affordable prices for their products.

hey also stated that they want to introduce the German culture to
Brunei through the food products, so that the public will be able to
taste them firsthand. Most of the new products are imported every few

The shop also sells Christmas goodies for the upcoming festive season,
such as gingerbread biscuits, cookies, chocolates, marzipan with fruit
fillings and many more. Other food items include jam, pasta, dough
bread and condiments, as well as plenty more German-imported products.

The owners take pride in the shop as being the only retail company
that sells German food products in Brunei as well as neighbouring
countries like Sabah and Sarawak.

The shop’s operating hours are from 9.30am until 6pm, and opens
daily except for Sunday. For further information, interested
individuals may visit the shop at Unit 25, Spg 440, Jalan Muara in Sg
Tilong, or call 2332840.