Islamic Relief Worldwide Appoints Hadhari Cattle For Deboning Sacrificial Meat

(Bernama) — Islamic Relief Worldwide, the implementing agency
appointed for distribution of sacrificial meat appointed by the
Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB), has named a local company
– Hadhari Cattle Industry Sdn Bhd (Hadhari Cattle) – to debone
slaughtered sheep.

Under the first phase, 20,000 slaughtered sacrificial sheep from Saudi
Arabia would be sent to the Hadhari Cattle abattoir complex in Paya
Pahlawan, near Jitra, for deboning.

IDB chairman Ahmed S. Hariri is expected to hand over the first stock
brought in via Penang Port to Hadhari Cattle president Brig-Jen (Rtd)
Datuk Hasshim Abdul Karim at Paya Pahlawan on Sunday.

Hadhari Cattle deputy president Dr Abdul Rashid Tan Abdullah said the
deboned meat would be sent to Pertima, a subsidiary of the Terengganu
government, for canning before re-exporting to poor countries worldwide
by Islamic Relief Worldwide.

Previously, deboning was done in Australia for 13 years.

Islamic Relief Worldwide proposed to bring sacrificial sheep meat from
Saudi Arabia to Malaysia for deboning last year but could only be
implemented this year due to documentation problems.

“The government chose Hadhari Cattle as it has a full range of
equipment and the capacity to implement the project apart from having
the permit and conforming to Jakim’s halal standards,” Dr Rashid told
Bernama, Friday.

He said distribution of the sacrificial meat was part of the humanity programme of Islamic Relief Worldwide.

Every year not less than 80,000 sheep and cattle are slaughtered by Muslims who performed the Haj in the Holy Land.

Among the beneficiary countries are Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Kenya, Kosovo, Malawi, Indonesia and Palestine.

Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak will witness the handing over of
the sacrificial meat from Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Islamic Relief
Worldwide director of operations Dr Adel Sabir is expected to attend.