Italian dining experience – the halal way

THE two most popular dining experiences in the UK is now available under one roof.

new owners at Chowdreys are already known for their passion for food by
introducing local traditional dishes from Pakistan and have now brought
Italian food for the first time to the Muslim community with their
exciting new Italian restaurant called – Med café.

It is a purpose built restaurant on the first floor,
above Chowdreys, with its own kitchen, chefs, waiters and front of
house and its halal.

“It was about time something new was
brought to the Muslim palate, we have long endured our curries whilst
other cultures have been able to enjoy foods from Europe,” said owner

” We boldly set on our way but didn’t want to do it
half baked excuse the pun! It took time, patience and hard work to
bring together what seemed an impossible dream to have a halal western
restaurant. Many restaurants claim to be halal however with us there is
no compromise.”

He added: “We knew from the outset that we
would encounter problems not just with sourcing an accredited halal
range of suitable products but also to bring the best of Italian food –
authentic and true. Our idea has been in the planning for many months,
and with the help of my friend, and colleague, Nuncio we have dealt
with each aspect with true commitment. Food brings together people from
of different cultures across different continents!”

Another reason for the halal Italian experience was to combat the problems of diabetes in the Asian Community.

Tariq: “Mediterranean food is so much healthier and the Asian
population being such a high sufferer of diabetes this diet would be a
healthy alternative which we hope will inspire the community to make
this type of food at home.”

Restaurant manager Nuncio said:
“I was very excited when Tariq approached me about this venture,
through my many years of experience I have come across so many Asian
people who longed to try our food but were unable to do so because we
couldn’t give them halal meats. But like Tariq we wanted to give the
customer the best experience with dishes from all over Italy.”

The team are from different regions of Italy, Napoli and Catalina each bringing their own flavour of Italian food.

the restaurant manager came to England when he was 16 to join his uncle
at his restaurant and there began his love of food. He started his
career as a kitchen hand to becoming a well known chef and manager of
restaurants. In the Yorkshire area Nuncio has acquired such a
reputation he is often called upon by fellow restaurateurs for help and
advice. Nuncio is well known by many for creating some of the best
pasta dishes and desserts.

Aldo the head chef has 30 years
of experience and has inspired and fed diners across the world
including Canada, Italy and of course England and has a portfolio of
over 100 dishes.

“Food to Italians is very important so when we cook
we do so with passion. When people visit our restaurant we want to give
them the best food. So to cook for completely new community of people
was a challenge I could not resist,” said Aldo.

The menu has
over 40 gorgeous dishes with appetisers, pizzas, pastas, steaks,
chicken and fish to suit every taste. And if that wasn’t enough in true
Italian style there are 10 dishes of the day on the chalk board
changing constantly so customers are spoilt for choice.

are spicy meat balls, steaks with various sauces, beautiful fresh fish
such as halibut, salmon, sea bass, prawns and scampi. Stuffed
aubergines and peppers, fresh soup of the day, char grilled vegetables,
mushrooms in cream sauce and much much more.

Med café seats over 150 people and can be found on 342 Great Horton Road (Above Chowdreys), Bradford, BD7 1QJ.