Italy: Amanah Halal Research Centre Organizes 2nd Global Halal Forum 2018

Amanah Halal Research Centre, a Germany and Pakistan based organization, organized the 2nd  Global Halal Forum in collaboration with University of Catania,  Gruppo Ibleo, Gruppo Consulting and EDA Associated in Catania Italy.

The global halal industry is only merely limited to Muslim countries but non-Muslim countries are also ready to join this multi-trillion dollar industry.

The main purpose of the 2nd Global Halal Forum 2018 was to create awareness about the untapped potential of Halal business and explore ways to benefit from this potential. The forum was attended by representatives of major halal producers, exporters, logistic providers, researchers and a large number of academicians.

Dr. Ashfaq who is the CEO of Amanah Halal Research stated during the forum that “It is estimated that the size of global halal food spending will cross the mark of USD 1.93 trillion by the end of 2022.

The Halal industry is important for Italy from two aspects: it has around 3 million Muslim population (4% of total population) and it also exports substantial portion of Halal cosmetics and modest fashion to OIC countries”.

Several industry leaders and organizations vowed to participate in such forums in the future. Dr. Danilo Scalone Head of EDA Associated Italy stated that

“The awareness of Halal products and services is growing rapidly in Europe including Italy. This forum will also enable Italian producers to benefit from promising opportunities from the global Halal economy. We are thankful to the team of Amanah HRC for their collaboration for this forum”.

Prof. Cinzia Caggia from Department of Agricultural, Food and Environment of University of Catania Italy stated

“We are very pleased to host the 2nd Global Halal Forum 2018 at Catania and we really believe that our region could improve its  horizon and have the role of hearth of Mediterranean Basin. This event has provided necessary awareness and technical knowledge to our students, manufacturing and food industries. Moreover, this forum provided an interesting platform to our researchers to presenting their research work and discuss with leading experts”.

Carmelo Tumino, who is Managing Director of the Gruppo Ibleo, one of the largest logistic providers in Europe and sponsors of the Global Halal Forum stated

“Halal is not only food but it entails a number of other segments and logistics is one of the important one. Our clients are demanding to provide halal logistic solutions and we are very happy to sponsor this forum and be certified as halal logistic provider”.

Mrs. Giada Lupo, CEO of the society ELIGO srls and President of Frumen Siciliar Association stated that

“This 2nd edition of Global Halal Forum marks a new success. It has demonstrated very high level of competences from broad range of international speakers and witnesses the whole range of segments of the brand Halal and for the first time, the most representative universities of Sicily and industry want to be involved in the scientific research and business opportunities”.

About Amanah Halal Research Centre:

Amanah Halal Research Centre (Amanah HRC) is an international organization based in Germany and office in Pakistan. Amanah HRC is committed to promote the halal industry and it provides a diverse range of unrivalled services which includes advisory and consultancy, Halal certification, market research and development, education and capacity building, strategy design and implementation, publications and conferences. Amanah HRC is a pioneer organisation that developed Muslim-friendly tourism training programmes and a dedicated 3 month online-study programme.

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