Janan Meats Halal success

SAI Global/EFSIS, the food industry’s leading provider of food
assurance solutions, has awarded a Certificate of Recognition to Janan
Meats in recognition of its being one of the first EFSIS clients to
achieve certificate of conformity to the UK Halal Corporation Scheme.

“Janan Meats is a company which has made an excellent job of
identifying and servicing a highly specialised market,” says SM
Global/EFSIS Food Director Carole Payne. “I am very pleased to be
able to congratulate them on behalf of SAI Global/EFSIS.”

SAI Global/EFSIS offers inspection against the Halal standard
certified by the UK Halal Corporation, a non-profit making organisation
based in Birmingham. “The standard is fully compatible with the BRC
Global Standard-Food,” says Carole Payne. “All our inspectors
are fully trained and it’s possible to combine Halal inspections
with audits under the BRC standard, the International Food Standard
(IFS), ISO 22000, or anything else from the huge range of SAI
Global/EFSIS inspection services. Food certified under the standard can
carry the UK Halal Corporation’s logo.

Janan Meats, based at Kinswinford in the West Midlands, processes
some 6,500 sheep and lambs a week, serving Halal Wholesalers in the
Birmingham area as well as many Halal meat retailers in London.

“It’s very important to us to have effective and
professional inspection. It’s particularly gratifying to have our
achievement recognised by SAI GlobaI/EFSIS.” says Janan Meats’
Quality Assurance Manager Helen Stephens.