Live export protest across Australia

ANIMALS Australia will step up its campaign against live exports with a national day of action tomorrow. 

The animal rights group is urging its supporters to brandish petitions
at their workplace, school or university as part of its “Live Animal
Export: Indefensible” campaign.

It says more than 220,000 people have already signed its petition to end live animal trade.

The group plans to follow its national day of action with organised “street action” in Australian cities on Saturday.

than 2.5 million Australian sheep and cattle have died during transport
to the Middle East in the past 30 years, according to Animals Australia.

It says live export is “cruel” and “immoral” and supports sending chilled Halal meat to the Middle East as an alternative.

national day of action comes just a fortnight after Animals Australia
ran a full-page ad in The Weekly Times calling for farmers to refuse to
supply sheep for December’s Eid-al-Adha festival of sacrifice in the
Middle East.