Malaysia: Brahim’s Dewina Group eyeing local partners in Halal food manufacturing

Dato Seri Ibrahim Haji Ahmad Badawi, Executive Chairman of Brahim’s Holding speaking to ‘The Brunei Times’. Picture: BT/Faiq Airudin

MALAYSIA-BASED Brahim’s Dewina Group, manufacturer of halal ready-to-eat meals, is keen to work with local partners in developing and manufacturing food products to meet the demand of the global halal market.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Dato Seri Ibrahim Haji Ahmad Badawi, executive chairman of Brahim’s Holdings Bhd, said they are very open to collaborate with local agencies and export to markets keen on halal food.

“We have a presence in Japan and the country is now working hard to get access to the Muslim market. This can be an opportunity for us to collaborate with Brunei Halal and get the brand known in Japan,” he said.

He said Brahim’s also received enquiries from several companies in Japan and Australia which are already producing halal products and need Muslim partners to build their credibility.

Although these manufacturing companies have been granted halal certification, they find it difficult to market products as they are operating in a non-Muslim country and the owners are not Muslims themselves.

“In the halal industry, credibility is very important and partnering with companies that lack Muslim partners is a good way for Brunei Halal to expand overseas,” he said.

Dato Seri Ibrahim said Brunei is well known in the global halal market for its strict halal certification. This is why more local companies should take advantage of this as there is a high demand for halal products globally.

He said although Brahim’s has a presence in countries outside of Southeast Asia including Australia and Japan, the ASEAN market will remain an important market as it has a high Muslim population and a well-developed halal industry.

Brahim’s is also strengthening its presence in Brunei by introducing their ready-to-eat-meals and making them available in supermarkets all over the country.

“The population here is not that big but there is high disposable income and interest in having products that are halal for them to consume,” he said.

He hopes the new ready-to-eat rice range will do well in Brunei.

The ready-to-eat meals are packaged in retort packs that are convenient for Bruneians as they like to travel.

“We’ve done testing of our products in the market through our local agent and found that our products have been well received and consumers find that the rice is to their liking,” he said.

The Brunei Times