Malaysia Showcase Brings Vibrant Malaysian Halal Industry to the Helal Expo Istanbul, Turkiye

ISTANBUL, TURKIYE, 23rd November 2023 – The Malaysia Showcase Pavilion was impressively graced this morning at the Helal Expo 2023 Istanbul, Turkiye. Being at the heart of the entire event, the Malaysia Showcase Pavilion opened its doors to all trade buyers, investors and business associates. The ceremony was officiated by the esteemed presence of the Consulate General of Malaysia in Istanbul, H.E Tengku Mohd Dzaraif Raja Abdul Kadir, who performed the grand opening accompanied by YBrs Tuan Zahiruddin bin Basiran, Trade Commissioner of MATRADE.

In his opening remarks, Consulate General H.E Tengku Mohd Dzaraif Raja Abdul Kadir commended the Malaysia Showcase Pavilion’s commitment to fostering international partnerships. He stated, “The Malaysia Showcase Pavilion stands as a bridge connecting nations, fostering trade opportunities, and attracting potential buyers from the Euroasia region and beyond.”

He also expresses his gratitude towards HDC, “Through HDC’s leadership, Malaysian halal businesses and SMEs can explore partnerships and investments with other foreign companies, expanding market access.” This year HDC emphasized on pharmaceutical companies and addressing their production processes, ingredients and significance of halal certification in the industry. This will ensure the commitment to producing halal-certified pharmaceuticals and fostering awareness and interest in this sector.

HDC has lined-up pocket talks to conduct informational sessions on the compliance of halal standards, facilitate networking sessions and demonstrate live demo on pharmaceutical products available at their stand. He also expressed his appreciation towards ITC and KPDN for their endless support on making the event a success.

The Trade Commissioner of MATRADE, YBrs Tuan Zahiruddin bin Basiran said “We have brought companies under our wing, creating a dynamic and diverse representation of Malaysian businesses, eager to showcase their products and engage in networking opportunities.”

Organised by My Events International, the Malaysia Showcase Pavilion aims to spotlight the diverse range of the halal industry that Malaysia can offer to the world! They are thrilled to bring the spirit of Malaysia to the Helal Expo 2023, where it not only serves as a business platform but bring the beauty and richness of Malaysian culture as a bridge to fostering international partnerships and collaborations.

He also added, “My Events International dedication to ensuring the success of this showcase is truly commendable, and we are grateful for the platform they have provided to Malaysian businesses.”

Malaysia Showcase 2023 brings together a total of 31 exhibitors from Malaysia for its 4th year of participation in growing and setting foot in other countries. Malaysia Showcase will feature a wide range of Malaysian products spanning various sectors including halal food & beverage, beauty & health, pharmaceutical, tourism, technology, ingredients and many more! The highlight of the pavilion will undoubtedly be the unique business matching session, aptly named the “Teh Tarik Networking Session,” providing an intimate setting for potential collaborations. Visitors to the Pavilion can expect an immerse experience that will capture the essence of Malaysia’s renowned halal products from food to its cutting- edge technology and innovations.

Malaysia Showcase in Turkiye received strong endorsement from MATRADE, HDC as the Main Partner, ITC and KPDN as Silver Partners, and Media Partners including Verify Halal, Leaders Online, Business Today, and KiniHalal.

My Events International invites all trade visitors and participants of Helal Expo 2023 to visit the Malaysia Showcase and experience the captivating allure of Malaysia firsthand.