Malaysian delegation visits Ningxia for Halal business

Shanghai Daily

China_Malaysia_FlagsBEIJING, August 13 (Xinhuanet) — Malaysia’s business and trade delegation visited lately the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Led by Ong Chong Yi, Minister Counselor (Economic) of Malaysian Embassy in China, the delegation brought business opportunities for Ningxia to export halal products to the Muslims world.

Malaysia Port Klang Free Zone and halal companies of Ningxia signed two cooperation agreements on Aug. 3: the China-Malaysia halal products mutual authentication services framework agreement and halal products cross-border e-commerce cooperation framework agreement.

Those two agreements would introduce China halal products to the Muslims markets, bringing a win-win situation to all the participants.

Ong Chong Yi highly appreciated the signing of the agreements. He expressed that trade between Malaysia and China had developed fast through those years. In 2013, the volume of trade was 106.08 billion U.S. dollars. This year is 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China. Both governments support the business cooperation between two countries by setting the target of trade volume at 160 billion dollars in 2017.

Malaysia Port Klang Free Zone and China Council for the Promotion of International of Wuzhong branch, Ningxia, signed a memo of exporting Wuzhong halal products to Malaysia.

As a signatory to the memo, Xia Baowen, chairman of SM International Wholesale Center, expressed that it was a problem for Chinese business and product to go abroad in the past. The cooperation between Port Klang Free Zone and Ningxia would solve problems such as “How to go abroad?”, “Where to go?”, “How to launch products in foreign markets?” There are 1.8 billion Muslims around world. The halal product markets have great potential. Malaysia has advantages in three markets: ASEAN market, Muslims market and British commonwealth market. What’s more, Port Kelang Free zone is located close to ports. That makes Port Kelang Free Zone as a trade platform for Chinese halal products to export, he added.

The visit of the delegation has found Ningxia halal products a platform while helping Port Kelang Free Zone to obtain appropriate products. It is a model of win-win business cooperation. Teh Kim Poo, the president of the Port Klang Authority, said that they have made two great achievements during the visit. First, they have a clear understanding of the situation of Ningxia halal products base. Thus, they have faith to build Port Kelang Free Zone into a platform which connects China to Muslims world. Second, they are impressed by Muslims in China. They believe they could collaborate in more fields.