Malaysian Traders Urged To Grab Opportunities In Saudi Arabia

From Zulkefli Salleh

JEDDAH, Nov 20 (Bernama) – Traders from Malaysia should grab the huge
opportunity for them to market much more of their consumer goods,
especially halal food products, in Saudi Arabia in light of the growing
demand for them, Malaysia’s Consul General here, Hidayat Abdul Hamid,

He said that following the emergence of a network of hypermarkets in
Saudi Arabia of late, more consumer goods were being imported from
Malaysia to cater to the increasing demand.

“Obviously there is a market. What needs to be done is to increase
the cooperation between traders from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia,” he
said, adding that his side has been regularly inviting Malaysians to
hold their exhibitions in the country.

Hidayat, who is responsible for the western region of the country,
said the country under the rule of Raja Abdullah was experiencing
tremendous development with billions of ringgit being invested here,
Mecca, Jizan and in Rabeq.

The market has become bigger with the Saudi government inviting
experts from all over the world to make a success of its development

“There is so much opportunities in halal food product,” he said,
adding that the Saudi government was also encouraging investment in the
hotel sector.

Hidayat said Malaysians should also take the opportunity to
further their studies at the King Abdullah University which will start
its post-graduate degree programmes in various fields next year.

“Malaysian students can make their applications to further their
studies in their chosen fields through the Internet,” he said.

There are 130 Malaysian students here currently and they all have
good image and all of them are sponsored by the Saudi government, he