Morocco and Jakim recognition.

Moroccan Standards Institute announced Friday it had successfully completed the label morocco flagrecognition for Halal Morocco process by the Malaysian Authority of Islamic Affairs. The recognition by Malaysia allows Moroccan products, Halal certified by the Moroccan Standards Institute, access to the Malaysian market and free movement in all markets referring to JAKIM recognition, the institute said in a statement.

Halal Morocco Brand

This recognition provides a competitive advantage of great value for Moroccan companies interested in markets requiring or favoring original Halal products,” the statement said. Those c0mpanies taking advantage including 32 companies already labeled Halal Morocco and twenty other Halal certified companies will be consolidated by strengthening the Moroccan Halal label and expanding its recognition, IMANOR said. The objective is to make Morocco a major platform manufacturing Halal products for export.

Imanor Halal Logo

All companies who wished to obtain recognition of Malaysia applied to IMANOR for the evaluation process required by JAKIM. Given the credibility of the world renowned Jakim Halal certification in the field of Halal, and its locomotive quality in the Halal Asian market, which includes over 600 million consumer, this recognition gives enormous opportunities for Moroccan companies wishing to position themselves in the expanding Halal market, which displays a volume of about 2.300 billion with an annual growth of over 10%.