New carrageenans to help jelly withstand the heat

By Jess Halliday, 05-Oct-2009

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Danisco is introducing two new carrageenan ingredients for use in
powdered jellies and hot milk-based powdered desserts, said to provide
a gelatine-like texture but withstand warm conditions better.

has observed growing popularly in the easy-to-prepare powdered dessert
market, including jellies and milk-based products, and cites
Euromonitor data that put the global volume consumed at 1.04 million
tonnes in 2008.

However these desserts, nostalgic favourites for many, are
traditionally made with the animal-derived ingredient gelatine. This
means they are not suitable for vegetarians or people who stick to a
Halal diet. Moreover gelatine-based water jellies tend to lose their
shape and texture in warm conditions.

Jane Lilleywhite, applications specialist for dairy and beverages at Danisco, told that carrageenan has been used in the past, but the texture has been “different”. It has tended to be harder than when gelatine is used.

The new Grinsted Carrageenan CW is designed for jellies, while Grinsted
Carrageenan CP is for hot milk based desserts like crème caramel flan.
Both are said to deliver texture “very close” to that of gelatine, and to keep their shape in warm conditions.