North American Halal Food Industries acquires first USDA Halal meat

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa- (January 16, 2008)- North American Halal Food

Industries, doing business as Halal Food Processors of Cedar Rapids,

Iowa, completed the purchase of forty-eight year old locally based

Carfrae Meats founded by Jack Carfrae in 1960.

Both companies, family owned by local residents of Cedar Rapids, have

had over a 25-year relationship together producing Halal food products

consumed by those of the Islamic faith.

Jalel and Yahya (Bill) Aossey, brothers, both Directors of Midamar

Corporation founded by their father William (Bill) Aossey in 1974,

acquired the meat processing facility on November 1, 2007 from Steve


Carfrae is the first and longest operating USDA facility in the United

States involved in the processing of Halal meat products under the

Midamar Halal brand, USA’s pioneer and premier Halal Brand


‘With God’s blessing, the timing and strategic opportunity is perfect

for this Halal production expansion as the demand for Halal food

products grow. The North American Halal food sector is growing at 20-30%

per year while the international Halal food sector is projected at over

$150 billion annually. Global population figures put the Muslim faith at

over 1.4 billion. We are very excited, even the financing of this

project follows the Islamic Shariah (law),’ stated Jalel Aossey.

Consumer demand for credible and transparent processes for US food

products produced under strict Halal guidelines is ever growing. Owning

and overseeing the meat production facility will become a strategic

advantage to ensure adherence to Halal procedures and further

emphasizing Midamar’s existing commitment to all Halal guidelines for

food production. This facility will also be utilized to expand the first

full line of USDA organic Halal foods initiated under the Midamar Halal

brand in 2003.

‘Halal Food Processors is looking forward to a positive response from

companies and potential strategic partners interested in the opportunity

and growing awareness of the Halal food market,’ says Jalel Aossey,

President of Halal Food Processors.

Aossey says that he has seen a progressive change for Halal foods from

selling only in ethnic markets several years ago to more current

interest from mainstream supermarket, foodservice, and increased

international demand for credibly produced USA Halal foods.

Halal Food Processors has sought Halal certification through Islamic

Services of America (, North America?s most highly

regarded and internationally recognized USA Halal certifier.

Halal Food Processors is a privately held further processing facility

dedicated to Halal production. Halal Food Processors private labels for

well known domestic and international restaurant franchise concepts. For

more information call 319-366-8327 or email