Oman: Sultanate’s Participation in Riyadh’s Halal Food Conference

Riyadh, Feb 14 (ONA) —–The Sultanate, represented by the Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry, participated today in the 1st conference on Halal food monitoring ,organized by Saudi  Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

The conference discussed several themes like Halal food in the light of Sunnah and Sharia, the strategic and economic implications of global Halal food industry, laws and regulations of certification, monitoring and supervising halal food through all production stages and view the experience of some Islamic countries in this regard.

The conference is held to enlighten on technical and economic aspects of halal food in the light of increasing global demands on this food and to boost communication and coordination between food- monitoring governmental bodies and civilian parties at regional and international levels with the aim of data information, expertise exchange and facilitating trade exchange.

The Sultanate’s participation in this conference comes within the framework of exchanging expertise, data and to view the latest developments and changes in halal food area, as well as to coordinate efforts and activities among states participating in the conference.