Opinion: Prohibition of Trading over Trading (Offer over Offer) in Islam and its Harmful Effects on Halal Certification

by Mufti Yousuf A.R. Khan, CEO, SANHA Halal Associates Pakistan.

It has been truly said that where there is a progress, there is a decline. It is a fact that there comes a moral decline in human society. Islam has provided certain guidance to avoid it.

Halal certification bodies are also going through this natural cycle and moral decay is manifesting with the passage of every day, such as contacting with halal certified clients of other certification bodies, luring, and instigating them towards themselves through greed etc., which is Haraam and illegitimate act according to shariah.

To alarm about this weakness, an article has been prepared to draw attention towards it so that the accreditation bodies, certification bodies and the industry affiliated with the halal sector could know how ugly this act is in the eyes of Islam and what is the status of the organization being involved in this crime in the eyes of Shariah?

In addition, this piece of literature has been authored so that the accreditation body could keep this aspect in mind during the assessment, certification bodies could avoid this ugly act and the certification body involved in such crime could be examined during the decision-making process of the industry. May Allah Almighty make this piece useful for all of us.

Prohibition of Trading over Trading

Prohibition of Trading over Trading