Pakistan should capitalize fast growing halal market: Karim Malik

ISLAMABAD—Pakistan should capitalize on the fast growing Halal food
market not only in the lucrative Middle East market but the entire
Europe and the US markets to bridge the gap in huge trade deficit and
earn precious foreign exchange. This was said by Karim Aziz Malik,
Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI)
while addressing a seminar at ICCI jointly organized by ICCI and Halal
Development Project.
He said Halal food market was growing due to rising prosperity
among Muslim countries which prefer Halal food in accordance with their
belief and urged Pakistani businessmen to accelerate their efforts to
explore avenues of huge potential in trillion dollar Halal food market.
He also emphasized upon the government to establish Halal products
testing and certification facilities & set up free zones in the
country to promote Halal food exports. He appreciated the HDP’s efforts
to promote Pakistani Halal exports and promised complete support of
ICCI to HDP’s agenda and activities.

Giving presentation on “Brand Halal” Asad Sajjad, CEO, Halal
Development Project (HDP) said the global Halal market would be
crossing the level of 2 trillion dollars per annum and Pakistan could
capture its due share in it by achieving the Halal branding of its
products and exploiting the “Power of Halal” brand to make its future
He said Halal brand has a market of 1.73 billion Muslims in the
world while Muslims in non-Muslim countries could be a lucrative market
for Pakistani Halal brands that prefer to use Halal products. He
advised the exporters of food and other products to get their products
certified as ‘Halal’ before entering into this huge market. He
regretted that Pakistan is still alien to this market due to the fact
that no Pakistani manufacturer or exporter got his products tested and
certified as ‘Halal’.

Asad Sajjad said that Halal market has an economic value rather
than being just an Islamic value. He said most non-Muslim countries are
utilizing the Halal brand due to its good quality and economic benefits
& asked businessmen to step up their efforts to seek business
opportunities in this market.
He said HDP is a non-profit organization which has been set up to
encourage Halal business exports and would provide awareness and
expertise to the businessmen to establish Halal business. He ensured
the businessmen that HDP would provide every possible assistance and
guidance to the intending exporters to exploit ‘Halal’ food market.