Pakistan: ‘The Muslim Dietary Laws’ the depiction of the Shari’ah dietary laws.

The tenth book of SANHA Halal Associates Pakistan “The Muslim Dietary Laws” now available on Amazon.

Alhamdulillah! The subject of this book is the depiction of the Shari’ah dietary laws. The main objective in the statement of these laws is to get acquainted with the basic dietary rules of Shari’ah, besides, it is also aimed that food industry, dieticians, students of jurisprudence and those interested in general Islamic jurisprudence get acquainted with the rules which are considered as a base while deciding anything Halal or Haraam.

Halal food not only plays a vital role in the establishment of good health but also plays a major role in the creation of piousness, if the food is not Halal and Tayyib, it is not only harmful for the mental and physical health of mankind, but also for his soul and morals.

However, it is also necessary to meet the nutritional needs, but it is more necessary to abide by the Shari’ah dietary rules. In this scenario “The Muslim Dietary Laws” provides a deep insight to the reader about Halal, Haraam, Tahir and Najis, which are the key injunctions of Islamic Jurisprudence.

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