Penang to Develop Halal Hub


Thomas L. Gallagher

Web Editor

The government of Penang, Malaysia,
organized the Halal Logistics Working Committee to develop the state as
an international hub for food and other goods produced and prepared in
accordance with Islamic law.

‘Halal’ is an Arabic term designating any permissible object or
action. The term is widely used to designate food permissible according
to Islamic law. Approximately 70 percent of Muslims worldwide follow
Halal food standards, according to Dorothy Minkus-McKenna. The global
Halal market is currently a $580 billion industry, according to Dr.
Saad Al-Harran and Patrick Low in the Halal Journal.

Dr. Mohamed Amin Kassim, deputy director of Urusan Century Logistics
Holdings, will chair the committee with members representing 17
companies and organizations.

“The companies involved will be clustered according to their needs
and sector,” said Abdul Malik Abul Kassim, chairman of the state
committee for domestic trade and consumer affairs.

“We hope that by February next year, Penang Port will become the
port for exporting Halal products especially within the Indonesia,
Malaysia and Thailand-Growth Triangle,” he said.