Philippines and Pakistan launch joint certification programme

Karachi, Pakistan – Halal Industry Research Centre (HIRC), Pakistan’s 1st Halal certification and assurance service provider together with Islamic Dawah Council of Philippines (IDCP) have launched its Joint Certification Program for Pakistani exporters.


IDCP is a well established name in Halal industry, a government authorized Islamic agency of Philippines recognized across the globe for its Halal certification services. IDCP is a member of the World Halal Council (WHC), Regional Islamic Da’wah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP) and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). IDCP certifications are duly recognized in Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and all other Muslim countries and communities.


Under this program, HIRC and IDCP will jointly issue Halal certification to Pakistani exporters which would be recognized both in and outside Pakistan and would also be applicable for 50% Govt of Pakistan subsidy for Halal certification costs.


“This program will provide Pakistani exporters a platform to explore for new avenues for Halal product exports as well as provide them with certification which is acceptable for both domestic and export purposes at a very reasonable cost,” says Mr Raheel Iqbal, Partner at HIRC Pakistan.


HIRC Pakistan will conduct all the local operations for IDCP including pre-inspection visits, lab testing, survelliance audits, shariah rulings for the certification program while IDCP will issue its internationally recognized certification to the client after satisfactory results.


IDCP has certified many clients from India, Japan, China, Philippines and Malaysia.