Report: Addressing the halal ingredients opportunity


The global ingredients industry was estimated at $245 billion in 2015 across food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and 201606130629054603cosmetics products. The industry is highly sophisticated, with the leading players predominantly located in non-OIC countries, and there is a substantial range of ingredients that are sourced either from animals or that contain alcohol content.

As consumer awareness increases and as OIC member states become stricter in their requirements for halal ingredients, there are substantial opportunities for halal ingredients manufacturers to address the global Muslim consumer market.

To address this demand, a number of ingredients manufacturers are seeking halal certification, including leading ingredients industry players such as Cargill, Archer Daniel Mills, and DSM, and a halal ecosystem of B2B ecommerce platforms has emerged, including Dagang Halal and Zilzar, to connect ingredients suppliers with manufacturers.

Although not exhaustive, this report has identified 332 halal ingredients manufacturers globally leveraging a range of industry-leading sources.

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