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RP’s national halal body ready to operate

| 06/03/2009 | 2 Replies

RP’s national halal body ready to operate

After a series of lengthy meetings and
consultations to enhance the country’s effort to tap into the world’s
estimated US$500-billion yearly Muslim dietary food market, the
National Halal Accreditation Board of the Philippines, Inc. (NHABPI) is
ready to launch and operate on March 16.

Category: Asia, Halal Integrity

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  1. Ar-Nusharief Imlan Hassiman says:

    Alhamdulillah, there is a m0ve to curb d grievances of Muslim around d archipelago in finding an authentic Halal food. And, i would like to reiterate, that Halal is n0t merely the abscence of pork, but rather stems fr0m cleanliness and purity.

  2. Ar-Nusharief Imlan Hassiman says:

    And i insha.Allah this would n0t just benefit d econ0my but also would increase the emphasis of the importance of Halal and would help the c0mmunity of unemployed Muslims regardless of tribe.

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