Russia: Halal cosmetics from US will be presented at Moscow Halal Expo

A young US-based company, Maya Cosmetics, will present a nail polish complying with halal requirements at the Moscow Halal Expo 2017  on 16-18 November.

Halal cosmetics is becoming more and more popular with women. When it comes to beauty products, halal standards imply that no alcohol or ingredients of animal origin are used during the manufacture and the product is free from animal testing. However, a halal nail lacquer must have one more property — it must be breathable, or at least water permeable, so that Muslim ladies don’t have to remove it before every prayer.

A young US-based company, Maya Cosmetics, was the first one at the global market to comply with all the criteria. In 2016 the company launched its first product. Now the product range includes 30 nail polishes and 10 accessories. The company was founded by two friends, Javed Younis and Bilal Saeed. The head of the company, Javed Younis, has a background in beauty industry.

The Maya Cosmetics products have been certified by IFANCA, the biggest halal certification authority in the US and the oldest one in the world. Laboratory tests have also been conducted to demonstrate that the nail polish is really breathable. This is a high quality product targeting customers of beauty salons.

In one year of its existence the brand has won the markets of 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Pakistan, and is now planning to present its products in Russia. According to Madina Kalimullina, managing partner of the Moscow Halal Expo, the announcement about the brand posted in social networks sparked interest among Russian Muslim women. Many of them ordered the product for themselves and gave positive feedback.

The company founder will be meeting visitors at LifeStyle Salon during Moscow Halal Expo 2017. The exhibition will take place on 16-18 November in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention centre. The visitors can register by clicking the following link:

Manufacturers and suppliers of halal product from 40 countries will participate in the Moscow Halal Expo 2017.