Russia: KazanSummit 2013



Interview with the Deputy Chairman of The Council of the Federation, co-chair of the Organizing committee of KazanSummit 2013 I. M.-S.Umahanov.

Ilyas Magomed-Salamovich, V International Summit on Economic Cooperation of the Russian Federation and OIC countries – KazanSummit 2013 –starts in Kazan on the 2nd of October.

Why is it held in Kazan? What will Russian party offer to its guests?

These days the Republic of Tatarstan is becoming the center for international cooperation. In this regard, KazanSummit is a milestone. It allows finding a common ground with a number of developing countries – members of OIC. Influence of the Islamic economy and financial instruments is growing from year to year. With the economic crisis in Europe, US and Japan, Islamic countries are searching their own ways of development. They have significant investment sources, which could help to implement projects in our country as well.

The Republic of Tatarstan was chosen as a venue not accidentally. First of all, this area has the largest Muslim population in Russia and honors the centuries-old Islamic traditions. But also republic is famous for its progressive achievements and Kazan can be considered as an innovative capital of Russia. It’s not surprising that one of the outstanding events on this year’s KazanSummit will be laying a stone of the first “Smart-city” object. “Smart-city” is a project of the city, based on the achievements of modern urban planning and it’s aimed at using advanced technics and technologies, innovation and science development and training of modern personnel.

What’s the role of The Council of the Federation in the organization of the forum?

KazanSummit is jointly organized by the Administration of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Federation Council. We are responsible not only for the parliamentary component, but also take an active part in all events, including theStrategic forum. Consultative meeting of representatives of the parliaments of OIC member countries will take place on the second day of the forum. Heads of foreign parliamentary delegations and members of the delegation of will do presentations on this meeting. We will discuss tasks of MPs in the sphere of development and adoption of regulations, which will help to create effective cooperation mechanisms between our countries. Special consideration will be given to the cooperation on the regional level.

Who is invited to the forum?

We expect that almost 1000 delegates, including parliamentary delegations from OIC member countries, heads and deputies of regional legislative assemblies of the Russian Federation, entrepreneurs and representatives of the scientific and expert communities, will participate in the forum.

What are the other subjects to be discussed on the forum?

We are planning to consider the issues related to the economic development and investment attractiveness of the Russian regions, Islamic economy, facilitating mechanisms for direct investments, development of the global trade and human capital.

Problems of developing Islamic financial institutes in Russia, investment cooperation with Islamic banks and other topics are the subjects to be discussed. The Federation Council, as the chamber of regions, is carefully examining the law-making experience of Russian regions, especially of the ones where Muslims represent a significant part or majority of the population. In several regions there are attempts to adapt the principles of Islamic law in the economy and the financial sector to the all-Russian legislation and to implement the most suitable forms of legislative support for the development of relations with the Islamic world. It feels that the forum participants are interested in this sphere.

In addition, Media Forum “Editor’s roundtable: reporting on the economy of Russia” will take place within the framework of KazanSummit. Participants of this forum will discuss the role of mass-media in creating a positive image of Russia abroad.

In general, KazanSummit should be a successful event, and we are hoping for a broad international representation and constructive exchange of opinions.