Russia: Moscow Halal Expo exhibition rebranded to HALFOOD brand

On April 25-26 2018 a major event for the Halal industry — the 9th International Exhibition of Halal Products “Moscow Halal Expo” (HALFOOD 2018) — will be held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

The event is organized by Alif consult, a company specializing in the marketing of halal food products. The company has announced the new brand of the Exhibition – HALFOOD®, which will be used starting from February 2018 onwards.

According to Madina Kalimullina, managing partner of the Exhibition, the company has been monitoring the trends in the Halal market for the last few years in order to design a new brand for the event. The main goal of the new brand is to protect the interests of the exhibition and its participants from attempts to copy the project. The exhibition organizers noted that the words “halal” and “halal expo” were commonly used and could not represent a registered trade name.

At the same time, the organizers reserve the name “Moscow Halal Expo”. The full official name of the Exhibition is “Halfood®. Moscow International Halal Expo Exhibition (Moscow Halal Expo)”.

When developing the new brand, whose name was tested during the Moscow Halal Expo 2017 last November, the latest branding trends were taken into account. “We decided that the brand should be laconic, understandable both for Russian and international audience, and the logo should be clear and easy to remember, taking into account the fact that the green colour has become less common in Islamic brands. Over the last 3 years we tested different colour solutions that were uncommon for halal industry, including blue, black and yellow colours, and settled upon the final version, which was presented today,” Kirill Skogorev, general director of Alif Consult said.

Being involved in the halal industry, the organizers of the Halal Expo exhibition have witnessed some cases of unfair competition among halal certification bodies. According to Kirill Skogorev, who is also the chairman of the “Halal of Goods and Services” Subcommittee of the “Halal Products and Services” technical committee under Rosstandart, the organizers are not trying to determine which halal certificate is the best one on the Russian market. “We are trying to bring together all market players on the Halfood platform and to provide the most exact information about the certification systems and the specifics features and requirements of halal standards in different Russian and international organizations. The market represented by buyers and consumers will itself determine the best and worthiest brands,” said the organizer.

The Halfood exhibition of products and services is a platform aimed at developing the halal market and boosting sales of halal products manufactured by Russian and foreign companies. The Halfood 2018 exhibition will bring together the companies from the following segments: halal and eco food products, halal in HoReCa, equipment for halal slaughtering, services for producers, logistics. A separate salon will be allocated for non-food products and services.

Moscow Halal Expo also hosts forums for specialists, workshops, cooking shows, presentations and other events organized by manufacturers and partners, as well as the “Halal Company of the Year” and “Halal Product of the Year” contests.

The organizers of the Moscow Halal Expo exhibition welcome:

  • Manufacturers who want to present their products in the most efficient way and to find new business partners;
  • Representatives of distribution companies, wholesale and retail chains and grocery stores;
  • Visitors who want to get up-to-date information about halal brands, and to talk to the representatives of different companies in person.
  • Representatives of the media who keep their fingers on the pulse of big business.

To book your booth go to:  “Moscow Halal Expo” (HALFOOD 2018)

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