Saudi Arabia: 219 facilities granted Halal certification

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The health sector transformation program, one of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030′ programs, has announced that more than 219 facilities have been granted the halal certificate.

The announcement came during the unveiling of data on the “Halal” Center, one of the health transformation initiatives affiliated with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

The program said that there are more than 62 bodies that grant the halal certification, in addition to 13 initiatives to consolidate Saudi Arabia’s position in the halal economy.

The Saudi Halal Center is concerned with ensuring that products, whether food, medicines, or cosmetics, are free of any ingredient that is in conflict with the Islamic law.

The center’s role revolves around granting and issuing halal certificates to relevant establishments and entities, in addition to conducting specialized research to develop product control, and activating various training programs.

The role of the center is to ensure the safety and legality of different products that individuals consume in Saudi Arabia.

It also holds ambitious aspirations that accomplish an inspiring Saudi vision in achieving global leadership through its reliable and approved reference in the world of halal food and products worldwide.

The center also works to achieve the goal of enhancing prevention against health risks, which is one of the goals of the Health Sector Transformation Program.