Saudi Arabia, Malaysia to Strengthen Halal Food Industry Collaboration

KUALA LUMPUR: SPA The CEO of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Hisham bin Saad Aljadhey, called on Malaysian Minister of Religious Affairs Mohamad Naim bin Mokhtar in Kuala Lumpur on Monday and discussed means of bolstering and expanding the halal food industry in Malaysia, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The meeting was also attended by Hakimah Yusuf, Director General of the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development.

During the meeting, they discussed unifying halal standards and enhancing cooperation in legislative and technical research, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

Both sides emphasized the necessity of establishing a global regulatory and legislative framework for the halal industry.

They also highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure the authenticity of halal products for Muslims worldwide, as well as mutual acceptance of products manufactured in both countries.

Earlier, the Kingdom and Malaysia had signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the mutual recognition of halal certificates issued by their respective countries.

This memorandum encompasses cooperation in acknowledging halal certificates issued by the Saudi Halal Center, which operates under the SFDA, and Malaysia’s JAKIM.

Moreover, it includes procedures for conformity assessment, standards, technical regulations, issuance of halal certificates, and the exchange of expertise in training, research, and laboratory analysis.