Saudi Export Mission to Erbil Strengthens Trade Ties with Iraq

By John Lee, Iraq-Business News

The Saudi Export Development Authority (SEDA), under the banner of “Made in Saudi Arabia, Exported to the World,” has conducted a trade mission to Erbil, Iraq.

The mission, held on August 15, 2023, featured the participation of 34 Saudi companies and 140 Iraqi companies across diverse sectors including construction materials, food products, and packaging.

The mission aligns with the authority’s non-oil export development efforts, aimed at promoting exporters and their products, enhancing the competitiveness of Saudi products, and expanding into international markets.

The mission comprised bilateral meetings, business discussions, agreements, and memoranda of understanding between the Saudi and Iraqi sides. Participants also benefitted from services offered by relevant government entities supporting the mission, including the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and Saudi Exports and Imports Bank. These opportunities provide companies with the chance to foster trade deals, boost exports, and explore new markets.