Scientific Report on the Bleeding of Lambs during Halal Slaughter is released.

Scientific Report on the Bleeding of Lambs during Halal Slaughter is released.

A scientific report entitled ‘The Bleeding of Slaughtered Lambs for the Purposes of Halal Slaughter’ has been released. The document reviews the effect of different slaughter practices on the bleeding of lambs at slaughter.  It makes up part of a postgraduate dissertation submitted by Mr Rizvan Khalid for his MSc in Meat Science and Technology from the University of Bristol.

Mr Khalid has encountered many Islamic scholars raising a plethora of questions in relation to the halal slaughter of animals.  He feels this is an area in which research by Muslims in the field is crucial, as reliable research addressing such questions provides scholars with the knowledge on which to base sound opinions. One such question raised has been in relation to bleeding after slaughter of animals, and whether or not it is compromised by any form of stunning. He decided to make this the focus of his research by studying the impact of electrical head-only stunning of lambs on bleeding.

The research includes a study of relevant Qur’anic ayats and Ahadith from those that Mr Khalid had previously drawn together.  This was conducted alongside continuous discussion with and ongoing review by Islamic scholars.  It is important to note that all Qur’anic verses and Ahadith have been referenced in the report so that they may be critiqued by Islamic scholars.  It is also acknowledged that differences of opinion will nonetheless remain but these must be valid and linked to Islamic scripture.

Mr Khalid believes that scientific knowledge is required alongside religious context before informed discussions can begin. The report is divided into sections including what happens on exsanguination of lamb (the process by which blood is released from the animal), what factors affect this, what Islamic scripture says in relation to blood and what the common conceptions are about blood in meat.

The report can be downloaded here. Any queries in relation to the report can be emailed to


Mr Rizvan Khalid is director of Euro Quality Lambs Ltd – a family owned business and the largest Muslim-owned lamb slaughterhouse in Europe.  A Chartered Accountant by profession, he received the Maurice Ingram Memorial Prize – awarded to the student with the highest marks – upon completing his  MSc in Meat Science & Technology from the University of Bristol.  He now actively encourages other Muslims to pursue studies in this field, particularly Islamic scholars, to acquire technical knowledge on the issues that affect Halal meat production.