Seminar: Strategic Planning for the Halal Market Economy

WebTitle: Strategic Planning for the Halal Market Economy

Venue: Beursgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Date: 17 April 2013

A high level seminar for government, corporate & investment policy makers and senior executives

The Organisers

NBI_Logo_smNBI International

The Nation Branding & Investment Expo is a global meeting place for the international trade community looking for economic development opportunities. This high level ‘nation-to-business’ event is a dynamic platform for countries looking to increase exports and attract direct foreign investment.

imarat-kufic-2Imarat Consultants

Imarat Consultants is a niche consultancy focusing on the Halal Market Economy. With a track record of international projects in Malaysia, Brunei, GCC, UK, EU & USA dealing with both public and private sector decision-makers, Imarat Consultants has built a reputation for thought-leadership and visionary insight into the dynamics of the global Halal market place.


Established in 2007, HalalFocus is the leading website for news, analysis and commentary on the global Halal market. Over 3,000 articles in over 50 categories provide a searchable database for professionals, researchers and consumers seeking information on one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world.

Muslim Focus logo smMuslimFocus

MuslimFocus is a JV project that combines the data gathering expertise of EthnicFocus and the strategic analytical strengths of Imarat Consultants to provide a premier service to organisations wanting an in-depth understanding, backed by data, of the Halal markets. EthnicFocus has previously conducted niche market research for such multinationals as Nestlé, Kellogs, Cadbury Schweppes, P&G, Tesco, Sky, Weetabix, & Unicef.

HalalBalancingHalal Balancing

Halal Balancing is a specialist consultancy to assist companies to enter the Halal market, particularly aimed towards non-Muslim owned companies in Production, Logistics, Foodservice, Retail. Advice and training is given on compliance audits, installing Halal Analysis & Critical Points systems, obtaining access to overseas markets, and how to market Halal products.

Our Perspective

After a decade of attending and organising Halal market events on every continent, we felt that despite best efforts on all sides, there were serious shortcomings inherent in the conference format:

  • Too many speakers
  • An excess of superficial and often overlapping content
  • Information overload
  • No opportunity to ‘revisit’ the event online
  • No opportunity for in-depth one-on-one sessions with experts

Our Solution

We have arranged a totally different experience for senior decision-makers in government, industry, investment & entrepreneurial sectors

  • 3 presenters, each with a distinct field of expertise
  • Collaboration between presenters prior to the event
  • Continuity of material, providing a meaningful integrated experience
  • In-depth exploration of the mission-critical elements of the Halal market, based on 30 years of collective experience
  • Real insights, backed by data, into where this emerging market is heading
  • Online access to the video recordings of the sessions


Delegates will have the opportunity to pre-book a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one session with speakers on the day following the masterclass seminar to discuss specific issues of interest (French, Dutch, German & Spanish spoken)

Halal collage copyThe Sessions

Session One – Market Focus

Regional reviews of major Halal markets, examining

  • market dynamics
  • major players
  • GCC & Middle East focus
  • market data
  • market vales
  • demographic trends
  • consumer habits
  • preferences
  • marketing test cases
  • new market opportunities

Session Two – Industry Perspectives

In-depth examination of the necessary steps for companies engaging in the Halal markets

  • food manufacturers
  • food service
  • logistics providers
  • exporters
  • non-Muslim perspectives
  • navigate the certification maze
  • ensuring Halal in non-Halal environment
  • establishing a ‘chain of trust’

Session Three – Regulatory Perspectives

Ensuring Halal integrity is a critical issue. We examine regional interpretations

  • Halal standards updates
  • conflicts of interest
  • reputation risk management
  • accreditation agencies to monitor activity of certifiers
  • independent third party auditing
  • industry requirements
  • consumer expectations

Session Four – The Next Chapter

How will this market develop over the next 5-10 years? We explore

  • expected growth
  • rise of the ‘global urban Muslim’
  • emerging Halal markets
  • likely market leaders
  • geopolitics of Halal marketplace
  • new market sectors
  • market dynamics
  • Halal & Islamic Finance
  • mainstream crossovers
  • bottlenecks & roadblocks
  • Discussions
  • Q & A

The Presenters

Abdalhamid Evans 4Abdalhamid Evans is the Senior Analyst at Imarat Consultants, a niche UK consulting agency that specializes in the Halal sector, and is also the founder of, a leading online news service for the international Halal market.

A co-Founder of the World Halal Forum, he provided consulting services for the Malaysian government in their efforts to position Halal as an engine of growth for the national economy, and collaborated in drafting the Halal chapter of Malaysia’s 3rd Industrial Masterplan in 2006.

From 2008-10 he worked with the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources of Brunei Darussalam to assist in the development of their Halal agenda as well as their International Halal Market Conference and SME workshop programmes.

Abdalhamid is currently active in the USA, UK and Europe, and is a founding member of the American Halal Association where he is working with Halal sector stakeholders to develop an accreditation infrastructure for the US Halal industry.

Abdalhamid is a recognised authority on the role of Halal as an emerging market force, and has written extensively on this subject in various print and online media. He is also a widely quoted source for mainstream news agencies and publications.

He is also regularly called upon to speak and chair at Halal sector events around the world, including Canada, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Australia.

…………………………. o O o ………………………….

SONY DSCSaber Khan is one of the world’s leading cross cultural methodology specialists in niche population research. He has a wealth of creative out-of-the-box research methodology & product design experience and has developed and sold competitive business insight products for over 60 blue chip global brands across 8 business sectors.

As former Regional Head of Customised Research for Nielsen, covering the Middle East, Pakistan and North Africa, he has exceptional expertise and insight into these important Halal market regions.

He has designed and invented a number of innovative research solutions, including the creation of ‘Ethnibus’ the ethnic research insight Omnibus ; the first face to face East European omnibus for the UK market.

An accomplished and well placed emerging market advisor, proposition developer, revenue generator, trainer and community consultant across global markets, with experience the UK, USA , South Africa, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, Brazil, China and the Middle East.

Saber Khan has the leverage expertise to handle complex and often highly sensitive business and intelligence briefs to consistently deliver actionable cutting edge success through innovative, intelligent, people centred business development.

As Founder of Ethnic Focus, he has provided data gathering services for Asda, Nestlé, Cadbury Schweppes, Tesco, Unicef, Ofcom, RBS, Proctor & Gamble, Barclays and Lloyds TSB

…………………………. o O o ………………………….

KDPKoen De Praetere, a well-known and respected international Halal business professional, started his career in Halal ten years ago, whilst serving international food companies in various senior management positions.

Anticipating the growing trade from non-Muslim countries to Muslim countries, his rich operational experience allowed him to effectively combine the growing demands of Muslim consumers with the production know-how of producers in non-Muslim countries.

This unique expertise of integrating Halal requirements into non-Halal production environments earned him worldwide respect, and has positioned him as one of the leading experts in this field.

As a founder of HalalBalancing, he is applying his unique first-hand experience to assisting companies wanting to enter Halal markets in Europe, Asia and the GCC-countries.

He has collaborated in the process of developing Halal standards on production, slaughter, foodservice and logistics, and has acquired an exceptional level of expertise and understanding in these fields, with an added capacity of making these complex issues clear and understandable for non-Muslim stakeholders.

Internationally oriented, he has contributed to many Halal workshops and conferences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA and worked together with Halal certifiers and national authorities promoting Halal trade.

…………………………. o O o ………………………….

Programme & Pricing

The Seminar will be a full day of presentations & discussions with four interactive sessions

  • 10.00 – 10.1     Reception

  • 10.15 – 11.15   Session One: The Halal Market focus

  • 11.15 – 11.45   Network Break

  • 11.45 – 13.00   Session Two: Halal Industry Perspectives

  • 13.00 – 14.00   Lunch Break

  • 14.00 – 15.15   Session Three: Regulatory Frameworks

  • 15.15 – 15.45   Network Break

  • 15.45 – 17.00   Session Four: The Next Chapter

Participants will be able to attend all Seminar sessions, and will receive Seminar notes, digital copies of all seminar presentations, plus online access to video recordings of all sessions.

In addition, all participants can pre-book a complimentary 30 minute one-on-one advisory session with the presenters to discuss issues of particular interest or concern to their specific region or sector.

Participation in the Halal Masterclass Seminar
€275 (excl 21%VAT)

Entrance fee includesHF-MASTERCLASS-220x90

  • All three days of the NBI Expo
  • NBI Expo Online matching program
  • Participation in the different country presentations

For more information, please contact

NBI International
+3140 2463626
Imarat Consultants
+44 1799 542 852
+44 750 60 50 499

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