Singapore: Halal cosmetics – a new alternative


There are many Muslims in Singapore – and while most have always been careful to stay away from consuming non-halal (unlawful) meat such as pork, some are now starting to ensure that the makeup they wear is alsohalal.

Because many ingredients used in cosmetics are made from animal content, they do not conform to Islamic laws unless the animals used and the manner in which they are slaughtered are halal. For example, carmine, a pigment frequently used in lipsticks, is made by grinding the scales of insects and them boiling them in a chemical compound such as ammonia. Likewise, many skin creams contain arachidonic acid, which is retrieved mainly from animal liver. A comprehensive list of ingredients can be found here.

Such concerns have propelled Muslims all over the world to come up with halal cosmetics, which are also usually vegetarian. While the market in Singapore is still relatively small and undeveloped, with many Muslim women going to Malaysia to purchase halal cosmetics, there are a number of credible, reputable halalcosmetics brands out there.

Here’s a list that’s not exhaustive, and most let you buy online too:

FX Cosmetics (UK)

Samina Pure Makeup (UK)

Pure Halal Beauty Products (UK)

OnePure (USA)

Ivy Beauty (Malaysia)

Saaf International (UK)

Safi Cosmetics (Malaysia)

MENA Cosmetics (Dubai)

Sheikha Shopping (Dubai)

Besides cosmetics brands that overtly declare themselves halal, Muslim women – like many environmentally-conscious women – are also turning to vegetarian or vegan cosmetics, which are halal by default. These can easily be acquired in Singapore, at any organic shop.