Spain: Seminar on “Halal, a global concept”

Seminar: “Halal, a global concept”
A door to social integration and the opening of new markets

 Córdoba 12th  March 2013

cordobaThe Halal training school, belonging to Educaislam, a training center sponsored by the Islamic Council, dedicated to the teaching of Islam in its different dimensions, has organised the II Halal Seminar: “Halal, a global concept”to be held on March 12th, on the Rabanales Campus of the University of Córdoba. (Aulario P17).

Halal is a global concept that refers to the set of practices and conducts that are permitted, according to the Shariah or Islamic law. Nowadays, due to an increase in consumption, the Halal food industry is growing. Therefore, there is a high demand for information on this concept, its fields of application, difficulties, standards and the developments that are taking place in the market.

For this reason, the “II Seminar: Halal, a global concept”, has been organised with the motto “A door to integration and the opening of new markets”. The Halal Institute continues working, with this line of training and dissemination of the Halal concept, towards the normalization and social integration of the Muslim community, as well as improving their access to Halal food and services, as it is stipulated in the agreement of cooperation between the Spanish State and the Islamic Commission of Spain (Law 26/1992 of November 10

The event will be opened by José Carlos Gomez, Vice Provost of postgraduate studies and continuing education of the University of Cordoba, and it will have the outstanding presence of Librado Carrasco, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Cordoba, Mariam Isabel Romero, General manager of the Halal Institute, Natalia Andujar, Director of Educaislam, Salud Serrano, lecturer at the UCO and Hanif Escudero, the Director of the Halal Training School. The seminar will be the perfect finale to the II Course of technicians in production of Halal food , which has been held since the January 14. In the second edition more than 30 students enrolled in the course, which particularly aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive theoretical knowledge of the different aspects of food production, restoration or the provision of Halal tourism services.

During the seminar there will be several lectures given by experts in the industry as is the case of Manuela Jodral, Professor of Food Science of Food, Said Bouzraa, Chief Auditor of Aud Halal, and Flora Saez, Director of Communications of Nur&Huda Travels. For the Halal school it is important to guarantee high quality learning. For this reason, the training is imparted in an academic context, guided by experts in Islamic food legislation, in Shariah and Islam and by professionals in the food industry.

In addition to the conferences, a roundtable discussion where several Halal certified companies will present cases of success in this market, difficulties and barriers they encounter, and more fruitful strategies. Also they will share its experience in the production and marketing of these products. Top food processing companies with a high level of implementation of the Halal quality certification, such as Covap, Fribin and New Rest, will participate in the Seminar.

With the purpose of disseminating the Halal concept in a practical way, attendees also will be able to taste a variety of products, which will allow them to savour, smell and handle some traditional and innovative food, nevertheless all in their Halal version. The participants will be able to enjoy cold meats, sausages, pâtés, dairy and non alcoholic beverages, while Marta Latifa, Dietician and Nutrition expert, offers advice on a series of dietetic, food and nutrition topics in order to have a healthier lifestyle.

The day also includes activities such as Halal Cooking Show led by Ibrahim Romero, Halal chef who will prepare a menu, while telling us his tricks and techniques for cooking Halal. In other words, healthy, good and economical. He will surprise us with an innovative and attractive presentation.

To conclude the event, the Tourist Board and the Halal Institute have organised an information session open to the public, in order to carry out a brainstorming on the project “Cordoba city Halal”, which basically aims to show to Muslim tourists, that Cordoba is open, receptive and respectful with religious diversity.

The seminar, has been recognized by the University of Cordoba, sponsored by the Campus of international excellence ( CEIA3 ) and by the Halal Intitute. These organizations are pioneers in the development of activities that promote the food culture, scientific vision and education in order to improve our society.

For the Halal Training School, education is essential to facilitate the access to employment and competitiveness, for this reason the Seminar will be open to everyone and free of charge, adapted to the difficult times we are living, but fulfilling our commitment and dedication to serve the community. Now, let’s enjoy the Seminar and thank Allah for making it possible.

For more information you can contact the organisation on: 652523510 / 902431937 or by email at