Taiwan: 7 new Muslim-friendly businesses in Pingtung County promote customized tourism

Taipei 101 is one of the scenic spots in Taiwan targeting at Muslim tourists from Southeast Asia. (Courtesy of Taipei 101)

In recent years, Taiwan’s Muslim-friendly environment has been highly recognized internationally. Pingtung, with its higher temperature and even more friendly people, also looks forward to becoming the top travel destination for the 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. The Pingtung County Government actively assists in the certification of the Muslim Friendly Environment (MFE). Up until this November, 7 businesses including bed-and-breakfasts and souvenir shops have received the MFE certificate. We invited Muslim friends to our presentation to enjoy Pingtung’s enthusiasm and hospitality.

With approximately 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, there are certainly great business opportunities in the tourism market. Recently, Kenting Amanda Hotel—Essaouira Restaurant, Kenting Holiday Resort Hotel, Kenting Maldives Hot Spring Hotel and Fuwan Chocolate have obtained the certificate. To expand the tourism market, the Transportation and Tourism Department of Pingtung County Government provided guidance to businesses with the assistance of the International Muslim Tourism Industry Development Association. We helped businesses understand the dietary and accommodation needs of Muslims and make improvements, such as providing halal food reservation, prayer rooms, bidet sprays, DIY activities, English service, Muslim travel information and products without pork or alcohol. Up until this November, 7 more businesses have received the Muslim Friendly Environment certificate.

The 7 new businesses in Pingtung with the MFE certificate are as follows: Summerland Garden Resort, Top Tai Kenting, Kenting Comic B&B, The Light Hostel, Love Ocean B&B, Fu Baoz handmade buns and baos, and Hwajen Traditional Confectionary. And a total of 5 souvenirs from two stores have passed the halal certification: Hwajen handmade cookies (peanut, pumpkin seed, black bean and sesame flavors) and Mango-Lu (dried mango).

The Transportation and Tourism Department stated that to create a Muslim-friendly tourism market, apart from actively promoting Muslim-related certifications among stores and businesses in Pingtung, the county government also offers customized Muslim-friendly tours that include unique attractions and certified stores, so that Muslim tourists can feel the consideration and warmth of Pingtung in all aspects including food, accommodation, travel, shopping and transportation. More information regarding Muslim-friendly environments can be found in the theme section of the official website of the Transportation and Tourism Department (https://www.pthg.gov.tw/traffic/Default.aspx).