Thailand: Industrial Promotion of Halal Food

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Brunei Darussalam and Thailand propose to promote each other’s halal food industry. Thailand is good at farm products and Halal science while Brunei wants to develop a Halal Industry Centre and promote their halal standard.  The matter was discussed during a meeting between the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Yahya and Thailand Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul in Bangkok. Yang Berhormat Pehin is on a six-day official visit to Thailand.

Thailand Foreign Minister noted that both countries should join forces and Brunei Darussalam could use Thailand as a base of its export-oriented production.  Mr Surapong also said Thailand could share expertise in agriculture including paddy cultivation, fishery and chicken farming that interest Brunei.  In the meantime, Yang Berhormat hopes Brunei Darussalam will import more Thai fragrant rice that is popular among Bruneians. Yang Berhormat said Brunei Darussalam was trying to promote the production of its indigenous rice called “Laila” but Thai fragrant rice was very popular in Brunei. Yang Berhormat also said Brunei Darussalam wanted to learn about rice cultivation technology and processed rice products from Thailand. Brunei Darussalam is the ninth largest Southeast Asian trade partner of Thailand. The value of trade between Thailand and Brunei Darussalam last year was estimated at 269 million US dollars. Thai exports to Brunei include rice, transformers and parts, cement, ceramics, rubber products and paper. The products that Thailand imports from Brunei include oil and other products. Today, the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources attends the opening ceremony of the 2012 World of Halal fair at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center.

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  1. Mohamed El-Mouelhy says:

    It is a misnomer that Brunei will promote Thai products with its Halal certification. In fact Brunei buys certain quantity from Thai toll manufacturers and sell these products under the Brunei brand. The same products are sold under the manufacturer’s brand with local Halal certification in the same markets.

    Brunei does not certify all the production of the manufacturer but only what is branded by it.

    Brunei approches manufacturers that are already Halal certified by the local islamic organisation to produce the quantity required and on the packet it states that it is certified by Brunei. The certification is only for the quantity that it purchases despite the fact that all the production is halal.

    Brunei then sell the product around the world under its brand. The amounts of products purchased under this scheme are very little.

    In so doing Brunei only promotes its brand and not the manufacturer.

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