Thumbs Up For Halal Academy

Panelists and participants of the International
Halal Market Conference (IHME 2008), which concluded yesterday, gave
their unanimous support for Brunei to set up the Halal Products

Hajj Abdalhamid Evans, Managing
Director of Imarat Consultants and who was the Consultant and Event Manager for
the IHMC 2008, said the final session of the conference put
forward hew and fresh ideas that could be added to the proposal
of the Halal Products Academy.

“A report will be sent to the
ministry for its approval.”

He added that discussions
during the IHMC 2008 provided opportunities to share ideas
between the government, State Mufti’s Office, scientists and
those relevant with the industry on the idea of establishing the
halal academy, which will be beneficial to the community and the
global halal market.

Hajj Abdalhamid believes that
the establishment of the academy will definitely provide the
Sultanate with an opportunity to upgrade its standard and become
an important market leader not only in business but also in
providing services to muslims worldwide.

Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Hamid
Haji Mohd Jaafar, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of
Industry and Primary Resources, said that the Mufti’s Department
and Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources have been working
together in getting ideas and suggestions from the IMHC panel
and participants for the proposed academy.

Dato Haji Mohd Hamid added that the
establishment of the academy will be a stepping stone that will
provide interaction between scientists and religious scholars on
issues concerning halal products, to increase the use of
applications of science and technology in the field of halal
products, prepare the country as a centre for international
researchers, minimise issues and doubts on consuming halal products,
as well as to widen the research in the halal products field.

Meanwhile, Hajah Asmah binti Haji
Saman, Director of Promotion and Facilitation Services Division and
Chairperson of the Exhibition Committee, said that they have
received a good response from the expo, which saw up to 64 potential
negotiations among the exhibitors to pursue future businesses.

The four-day event also managed to
generate $21,000 in sales, which is an increase of 11 per cent from
the previous year, while international traders saw an increase from
39 per cent in 2007 to 64 per cent this year.

“We have definitely seen an
increase in participation since the first expo in 2006 and this
shows that we have managed to create awareness. This has created
more confidence among participants to join the IHPE,” she said.

Haji Abdul Hamid stressed that
Brunei has placed itself in a better position among global players
in this field, adding that the conference was a valuable exercise
that has benefited Brunei.

“The feedback from the conference
has exceeded my expectations, especially with the participation of
some good speakers.” Jason Tee, Event Manager for I HP E 2008, said
the expo this year has managed to attract more visitors.

“IHPE 2007 had 34,000 visitors, and
this year (as of 6pm) the expo has attracted 44,000 visitors.” He
expected the number to reach 50,000 before the expo closed last
Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin