Titan Chemicals produces Halal polyolefins

Arabian Oil & Gas Staff
, August 6th, 2009

Reporting by Abdelghani Henni and Daniel Canty

Malaysia’s Titan Chemicals claimed yesterday that it has become the
first petrochemical company in the world to have their polyolefins
(polypropylene and polyethylene) certified Halal by the Halal
Development Corporation (HDC) in Malaysia and Majelis Ulama Indonesia
(MUI) in Indonesia respectively.

The concept of Halal resins was first proposed with the aim of
manufacturing polyolefine resin with raw material free from animal
derivatives to fulfill the Halal requirements, said the company. The
initiative proved to be a viable option for the manufacturing of
polyolefins resin.

The statement is a rather bizarre addition to the downstream
newsbeat, as animal derivatives are not standard raw materials in the
prodcution of petrochemical products.

The key raw materials for all downstream manufacturing are
hydrocarbons, formed of decomposed organic matter under pressure for
millions of years. The company did not reveal how they have ascertained
the exact origin and composition of its feedstock.

It will be interesting to see if other international manufacturers follow suit.

Titan Chemicals is a joint venture between The Chao Group and Permodalan National Berhad (PNB).