Turkey: GIMDES will organize the international Halal and Tayyib workshops.

Turkey HalalexpoGIMDES, the leading Halal certifying body in Turkey organizes exhibitions and conferences every year to increase the public awareness of Halal Certified products.
They are proudly announcing that this year they are organizing the international Halal and Tayyib workshops.

Halal and Tayyib workshops will held in Istanbul on 23-24 October 2015.
The first workshop will be about ‘Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics’.
This workshop will focus on the following issues:
• Vaccines and Health
• Critical raw materials used in medicine & pharmaceuticals& cosmetics
• Operation materials from halal perspective
• Halal cosmetics- challenges and solutions.
• Baby Food
• Health effects of harmful raw materials used in pharmaceuticals
• Prophetic medicine and health
• Nutrition science in Quran: Olive oil, Vinegar and Nigella Sativa, Ginger & Honey
• Alternative treatment methods.

The second workshop will be about ‘Fiqh and Science Aspects’.
This workshop will focus on the following issues:

• Halal Slaughtering methods
• Islam and Animal Welfare
• Halal Slaughtering and its Advantages, and the Western Slaughtering and its disadvantages
• Islamic slaughtering conditions
• Updates in stunning methods
• Harmful effects of electrical stunning on animals
• Facts about Stunned Animals.
• New Technologies and Human health
• Can GMO products be Halal certified?
• Harmful effects of Synthetic Antioxidants and preservatives and their alternatives.
• Nanotechnology applications in Food and its possible toxicity-
• Effect of Prohibited Foods on Hormones and Behaviours
• Controls of the rules of Istihala
• Istihala of Gelatine & Soap
• Istihala of Blood Plasma Rennet, products of microbial, Enzymes.

In addition to the workshops, GIMDES is also organizing 6th International Halal and Tayyib Expo 2015 which will held in Istanbul Congress Center on 22-25 October 2015 in cooperation with DISCOVER EVENTS. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Halal expo and see the newest Halal certified products and companies from around the World.
We are sure that you will earn and benefit both from the workshops and the Expo, and you will have the pleasure of visiting beautiful Istanbul, capital of the World.
All together; One voice, full unity for a Halal and Tayyib life.