Turkey: Halal and Tayyib Products Workshops Organized by GIMDES

The Closing Statements of the International Halal and Tayyib Products Workshops, held on 24-25 October, 2015. organized by GIMDES, in Istanbul, Turkey were as the following:

First Workshop: Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: Challenges and Solutions

Muslim scientists and producers should work to produce Halal vaccines which harmonize with Halal and Tayyib system. Vaccines may contain many haram/forbidden ingredients such as pork gelatine, parts of faeces and urine, Porcine substances, foetal parts, pork gelatine, alcohol, animal parts (pig, dog, monkey) etc. Also many harmful toxic chemicals are used in many vaccines like: Mercury and Aluminium. Additionally, some vaccines are known to link many diseases such as auto-immune Diseases, Asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, autism and cancers.

Halal pharmaceuticals standard project is highly important to list and find the halal status of the most used chemicals in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries, in addition to, designing databases software which allows producing many specialized databases.

Muslims are facing real threats due to using non-Halal medicine. Muslim scientists and pharmaceutical producers should put priority to invest in Halal medicine.

Second workshop: Istihala: In F?qh and Science


Istihala is a complete natural transformation of the material, physically and chemically. So, changes occurred during processing of gelatine, blood plasma, rennet, oils used in soap doesn’t consider as Istihala.

Third workshop: Halal tourism

Islam is a religion that covers all aspects of a person. As a religion, it can’t be confined to prayers only, a person is responsible for all his doings.

When we say Halal, it can’t just be fitted to food. A person is not relieved of his duties to Allah when he is on trip, business or leisure.  Today the main issue we face in tourism (both business and leisure) is the lack of Islamic thinking. It is double sided: Both the traveler and facilitator (like hotel, restaurant, tour operator) must think in the Islamic way and do their service as per the Islamic rules.

Fourth workshop: New updates in slaughtering and stunning 


Mechanical slaughtering considered as not acceptable method of Halal laughter in Islam.

Tasmiah should be prayed individually by person slaughtering (not recorded).

Animal stunning before slaughtering can cause killing animal. Killing rate depend upon many factors such as frequency and electrical current, duration. With 50 Hz frequency at current 60 mA – 148 mA killing rates was 22% -99%. So, Stunning put meats in doubts.

Stunning methods substantially cause external & internal injuries to the animal/birds while they are alive and they may (under certain circumstances) lead to their death.

In Halal slaughtering without stunning, the animal is rendered unconscious within seconds. This slaughtering method is of great importance to animal welfare and meat safety & hygiene.

Fifth workshop: Human health between traditional medicine and new technology

GM crops can cause many known and unknown side effects on health. GM crops cannot be in a harmony with Halal and Tayyib concepts.

Prophetic medicine is an authentic and valid medical system, and it is applicable at all times and all places.

The specific remedies taught but the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) are valid and useful.

Empirical studies on prophetic medicine will continue exerting its influence on medical practice