Turkey: LeShow Istanbul-2019 Int’l Fashion Fair 24-26 January 2019

IFDC Chairwoman

Invited as “Special Guest” to

LeShow Istanbul-2019 Int’l Fashion Fair

Alia Khan plans to open the taboo subject of ethics around fur and leather, a space she believes is riddled with misinformation that leads people to believe faux is better than real for the planet – “Not true”, says Khan.

Istanbul, Turkey, 26 th November, 2019 – Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) Chairwoman, Alia Khan is invited to be the “Special Guest” and “Int’l Brand Ambassador” to LeShow Istanbul-2019. Int’l Leather & Fashion Fair to be held at the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) from January 24 th to 26 th, 2019.

Great global excitement has been growing around the most prestigious and comprehensive int’l leather & fur fashion exhibition, “LeShow Istanbul-2019” in the territory of Turkey. This esteemed int’l fashion trade Fair, whose fame traces back 21 years to the legendary int’l LeShow Moscow Fair, is a professional trade platform that connects the ever growing global leather & fur fashion industry ranging from ready to wear leather & fur fashion garments to luxury haute couture ethical and sustainable brands.

LeShow Istanbul-2019 has a solid reputation for bringing together ethically skilled manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers, leading and emerging brands, fashion retail shops, designers and consumers all aiming to build an international cooperation and leveraging trade volumes that are already at a global scale.

LeShow Istanbul-2019 is also launching a special “Int’l Hosted Buyer Programme” to focus on increased int’l cooperation initiatives that will leverage trade volumes in the global leather & fur fashion industry market. As an esteemed leader in the modest fashion industry, Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Chairwoman, Ms. Alia Khan will attend as the “Special Guest” and “Int’l Brand Ambassador” of LeShow Istanbul-2019 to generate awareness around the ethical global products, trademark & brand awareness of the Fair.

During her tour of the Fair on the 24 th and 25 th of January 2019; Ms. Khan will be the guest of honor at the VIP Gala Fashion Show, sit on the panel for the press conference, deliver a keynote speech and hold valuable meetings/consultations with a target list of event participants to address the questions, perceptions, and market demand surrounding the global leather & fur fashion industry, whilst identifying opportunities in ethical options for the modest fashion market to create significant market share.

“It’s time to address the elephant in the room”, says Ms. Alia Khan, “There is no doubt practices have effectively shifted to excel in ethical and sustainable practices in the global leather & fur fashion industry and prove to be better for the environment than faux fur and leather. Especially with the conscientious usage of roadkill remnants and remains applied for bio fuel & health advancement, one is compelled to understand this area better before making a judgment.”

This notable fashion category has sparked as much debate as it does demand in the growing luxury market, particularly a surprising amount of modest luxury patrons who have begun to lean toward significant purchases in this category of luxury goods. Coupled with the increasing leather & fur fashion garment purchases coming from the Chinese consumers, we now see an over $17 billion spending power for this fashion category. “While industry leaders in leather & fur fashion have taken significant measures to build beneficial practices to the environment with their state of the art approach, we now have a responsibility to explore all this further for the vast global modest lifestyle industry players and also be honest about what’s really good and bad for the planet”, said Khan.

As the opportunity certainly presents itself for the global modest fashion brands through the reputable int’l platform of LeShow Istanbul-2019, Khan added, “I believe international expositions like LeShow Istanbul-2019 provide a professional platform for us to explore brand opportunities with more guidance on ethical and sustainable solutions, while building on agreeable opportunities for business growth. The demand for leather & fur fashion garments is genuine around the world, and the increase in spending brings business viability to modest designers who can supply to this market with great skill”.

When asked about Ms. Alia Khan being their choice for this year’s choice Special Guest and Int’l Brand Ambassador, TURKEL Fair Organization Inc. Chairman of Board, Mr. H. Korhan Yazgan, Organizer of  the LeShow Istanbul-2019 Fair said, “The privileged presence of Ms. Alia Khan shall immensely enhance int’l brand awareness of the LeShow Istanbul-2019, in particular for providing integrated communications to the modest fashion & design industry and loyal Muslim consumers worldwide and also for leveraging volume of int’l exhibitor, trade visitor & hosted buyer participations primarily from GCC & MENA regions, the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. We are honored to host such a respected personality in the global fashion industry.”

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LeShow Istanbul-2019 Jan 24-26, 2019

Venue: Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

Email: leshowistanbul@turkel.com.tr

Press inquiries: office@ifdcouncil.org